I just finished the 2nd grade, we had a half day, and summer was starting. When I got home my mom was sitting there with a clothes basket full of clothes. She said I want you to take a look at your clothes. They are all pee stained, the bed sheets and bed cover are also stained. So I’ve been thinking that since your sister was born you have been wetting your pants and bed. Maybe you are not ready for big boy clothes. This is why I'm putting you back in diapers.

I said “What do you mean?” “Just what I said you will be wearing diapers again. So let’s go upstairs and get you diapered.” When I walked into my room I was shocked, my bed was gone and my old crib was in its place. I had a stunned look on my face and mom said boys still in diapers sleep in cribs. The top of my dresser was cleared and on it were a changing pad and the biggest stack of disposable diapers I’ve ever seen.

“Now pull off your clothes.” She took my underwear and tossed them in the diaper pail and you won’t need these for a while. She then picked me up and laid me down on the pad. Had me lift my butt and slid the soft white diaper under me. Taped it tight, she then reached into the drawer and pulled out clear plastic pants and slid it on me. Taking her fingers she pulled and fit my plastic pants into place. She then grabbed what I thought was a T-shirt, had me sit up and raise my hands and slid the tee over my head then had me lie back down and lift my butt. She then reached down and pulled material from the back and front and snapped the crotch closed. And told me if you can wake up with a dry diaper 7 days in a row then I will stop diapering you...

She then picked me up and said go play while I get your sister up. I did not know what to think. I was walking down the hall and passed a mirror, I looked and was surprised when I saw my self I did not feel like a baby but I looked like one, once I got down stairs I turned on the TV and started watching cartoons. Mom came downstairs with Lynn and put her in the play pen. Next she picked me up and put me in the pen too. She went into the kitchen and returned with two bottles. Now be good babies while I make you two lunches.

About then I had to pee and poop. I asked if I could go to the potty and was told that’s what a diaper is for. I stood up and let go the biggest poop I ever had, and peed like no tomorrow. As I sat in the playpen wearing a onesie, a poopy diaper with plastic pants, the smell of powder and drinking from a bottle I started to feel like a baby. The feel of poop in my diaper felt so good. It was warm and soft. I was staring to enjoy this. For the first time in a long time I was getting the attention.

Mom came in the room and said lunch was ready. We were lifted out of the playpen and taken to the kitchen, where there were 2 high chairs. A bib was put on me and I ate lunch. About an hour later mom said it’s about time to change your diaper, off to my nursery we went. I was lifted onto the changing table and my poopy diaper was untapped. She pulled from behind to wipe as much poop as possible. Then got some baby wipes and cleaned me up then rediapered me.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I just played with baby toys and then came time for bed. I was taken up stairs and mom put me on the changing table and took off my wet diaper and said “Boy you sure have used your diapers today.” With a dry diaper and plastic pants she then put me in a sleeper. Laid me in the crib pulled the side up kissed me and said I got you a pacifier and stuck it in my mouth. Off went the lights.

As I laid there I felt so much like a baby and to think just this morning I was getting done with second grade and now I'm in a crib wearing a diaper. I fell sound a sleep sucking on my binkie. The next morning I awoke and the first thing I did was feel the sheets, I thought cool dry but then I felt my diaper it was so thick and wet and thought well I’m going to diapered for a long time, but I really didn’t mind. I spent most of that summer diapered and being treated like a baby.

When school came around I was re potty trained and only had to wear night diapers and still had to sleep in a crib. I believe that this punishment if you want to call it that is what got me into the whole diaper thing. I still love to poop and pee my diaper and drink from a bottle. I’m now in Jr high and have a paper route which gives me money to buy diapers, and when no one is home I like to dress up and play baby.

                      Written By: Mike

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