February 26, Finally my birthday! I had been waiting forever to turn 15! I woke up, and wait..... what?!?! The bed was drenched in pee! As soon as I stood up, my sister was standing at the door. She quickly yells "Mom! Kirstie wet the bed!!!".

I stood there aghast at what she just said, she had gotten her revenge. The previous day, I told mom about her flunking math, and English. She said as soon as I told mom that she would get me back. She smiled as she stood in the door way, and said "I told you I would get you back!"

Me being 15 and her being 13, I felt idiotic her getting me back. Mom soon came in and said "Kirstie you know the rules, you wet the bed then you wear diapers for two weeks" I said but mom!  My birthday is today!, She looked at me and said "Okay, I will give you a choice, either you wear diapers for the whole day, including your party" or wear them tonight to bed".

I quickly said " Yes! I will wear them tonight!" But I soon realized I spoke too soon, She then added "And if you wet tonight you wear diapers all day and night for the next six months" It was too late, I had made the deal.

The Day went on, my party was awesome. Night came too soon though. I was getting ready for bed when my mom walks in with a teen sized baby diaper in her hand, I said "Mom, please No!" She quickly replied "Sorry honey" "but you have to" I laid down on the bed as she diapered me.

I got up and wiggled around trying to get comfortable in a diaper, but to my surprise.....I......I kind of liked it, of course I didn't say this to my mom, but I liked being treated like a baby. I quickly laid down in bed. And fell into a deep sleep. I woke up the next morning in a wet diaper! I was mad at my sister for putting my hand in a warm bowl of water! I knew she did it, cause I saw the bowl upside down beside my bed from me knocking it over in the night.

I got up hoping nobody was up yet and tried to make it to the bathroom to cover the evidence, but my mom caught me she said " Aw, Kirstie you didn't!" I began to cry, she grabbed me by the wrist and said " Come on, let's get you cleaned up" She laid me down on the bed.

She began to strip me to my wet white baby diaper, I felt so.... child like....... so....... controlled by my mom, but for some reason it really turned me on! She told me to lie on my belly, and that for the next six months I was her little baby girl!

She pulled me off the bed, and laid me on my back, and got out a new diaper. She pushed it under me, and I felt something go up my butt, I quickly said what are you doing! She replied oh nothing nothing just help the process. Little did I know she had stuck a suppository in me.

The next half hour passed quickly, I was sitting on the couch when I felt something odd, I looked down and realized I was pooping! It started coming out slowly and then full blast, my diaper was slam full! My mom came in, and said bad girl! you need a spanking, she bent me over her knee and began to spank me, the warm poo spread across my checks, and I was as excited as ever. I began to cry. I don't know why though, I really loved it!

Coming Soon! Baby Kirstie Loses Bladder Control

Written By: Kirstie

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