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My name is Geoffry two years ago when I had my 12 birthday (May 30) School would be out in less that two weeks mom told me I would be baby-sitting my two brothers for the summer. She told me that twelve-year-olds are not aloud to go to daycare. So I would have to go somewhere else. I was taking high school classes at school and getting ready to graduate next year anyway.

She told me that since I was so good at changing and feeding two-year-old Billy and playing with five-year-old Timmy that I would make a good baby-sitter. She said that Mrs. Ruth next door would help if I need help. I would be paid $30.00 a week for my trouble. That made me so happy I could hardly wait for school to let out.

For the next ten days I became so bossy of my brothers telling them what they were aloud to do or play with. Billy did not care but Timmy would not listen sense I was not allowed to hit him so I made him sit in the corner or go to his bedroom or something that he did not like. Mom thought it was a good idea that I take charge of his discipline in a way that did not involve hitting.

The first day of summer vacation went good with my brothers. Mom woke at me 7:00AM and told me I was in charge and to wake my brother at 8:00 and fix breakfast for them. I woke them up at 8:00AM and fed them breakfast.

After removing their diapers and letting them use the potty they said they did not need to go. I put their diapers back on but they complained that they had dry diapers but I did not listen. I just put new diapers on them. I put them in their high chairs and let them eat breakfast.

Timmy had not been in a high chair for two months. The rule is you eat in a high chair until you have eaten without spilling or dropping food for two weeks. Timmy complained he needed to go potty as soon as I put him in his high chair but I did not listen.

By the time they were finished they had both wet their diapers. The rule is if you wet your diaper or underpants you must wear diapers for the rest of the day. I changed their diapers then I had fun playing

Lunch time I fed Billy in his high chair and let Timmy eat his lunch in his booster seat. After they were fed I put them down for a nap after I changed their diapers and put a cloth nap diaper on Timmy
because he still wet big when he slept.

He complained that mom said he doesn't need to wear nap diapers since he has not wet for three weeks. But I did not listen and diapered him anyway. Timmy cried him elf to sleep in his bed when I left the room.

I went to my room to play video games while they napped. I had fun for two hours then I went and woke my brothers. Both had dry diapers so I dressed Billy in his T-shirt and shorts with training pants. I left Timmy in his diapers and plastic pants. Then made him dress in T-shirt and short overalls that were way to big for him. He again complained but we went outside to play anyway.

We played for about two hours when I took my Timmy inside for his diaper change Billy ran to the potty and used it like a big boy. I removed Timmy's wet diaper and gave him his underpants back. He was so happy! When we returned to our play Timmy was so much happier as we played.

   When mom came home Timmy was quiet about his diaper wearing so mom did not know. I kept doing the same routine for my brothers every day for a week. Sometimes I would keep them both in diapers. They were so ashamed of wetting and messing in diapers but I would not let them use the potty so they had to.

Then one day, mom came home just after nap time and found us in the backyard, Timmy and Billy both wearing wet and messy diapers with no other clothes. Mom asked why Timmy and Billy were wearing diapers. Timmy said, "Donny makes me wear diapers when you are gone and I have to pee and poop in them, too."

Mom was so mad she took Timmy and Billy to the bathroom and gave them a bath and let Timmy dress in his big boy underwear. Then she put training pants on Billy and Billy was so happy to be a big boy. Timmy and Billy were jumping for joy.

Mom called me in from the backyard and led me to our room and stripped me of my clothes. She put me over her knee and gave me a bare-bottom spanking.

After a ten-minute spanking mom strapped me on to the changing table she spread Vaseline all over my butt. I even felt her put some in my butt. Then she taped one of the disposable diapers on me. The same ones that I was making Timmy wear for the last week.

Then she pulled on a pair of the plastic pants and I was dressed just like I dressed Timmy for play time. I was small for my age and the clothes Timmy wore would fit just right, maybe a little small.

   Then she dressed me a Big Bird T-shirt and the short overalls I had made Timmy wear and they fit me just fine. After I was dressed she made me go outside and play with my brothers while she made arrangements for a babysitter.

I started to cry as my brothers giggled. Mom put a pacifier in my mouth and told me to keep it there or get another bare-bottom spanking.

Mom came out to the backyard fifteen minutes later with Mrs. Ruth from next door. She explained that Timmy is potty trained and Billy is wearing his training pants and might need some help, but Donny needs to be kept in his diapers until we think he is ready to be potty trained.

I remembered what mom told me about my pacifier, so all I could do is cry through my pacifier. Mom told Mrs. Ruth that I am to keep my pacifier in my mouth at
all times. "If he don't keep it in his mouth you can spank him." I felt a sudden need to poop but before I could move poop was going into my diaper.

Mrs. Ruth came over to us and smiled then she sniffed. "Smells like someone has pooped in his pants." She asked Timmy if he pooped his pants like a baby he said he is a big boy and big boys don't poop in their pants. She checked Billy's training pants and found them clean and dry.

When she turned to me she had a big smile on her face I started to cry. She said, "that's OK, babies do that all the time," as she took my hand and led me to our room. She put me on my changing table and  changed my messy diaper. I started to cry again but the pacifier was still in my mouth.

When I returned to play all I was wearing was a thick cloth diaper and plastic pants sucking my pacifier. Mom said she would be late from work, she was the head nurse of the children's ward. Mrs. Ruth would fix us dinner and get us to bed.

Mom left for work and we continued to play outside while Mrs. Ruth started dinner. I remembered what it felt like messing my diaper in front of everyone and now I needed to pee what was I going to do. I was sitting in the sandbox where Mrs. Ruth had sat me about 30 minutes ago. I let my pee go into my diaper just like a baby I could not stop it.

At 6:00PM Mrs. Ruth called us to eat dinner she lifted Billy into a new booster seat at the table but it was in my seat. Timmy was sitting at the table in his seat so I asked Mrs. Ruth where I was going to sit she told me to get my pacifier back in my mouth before she spanks me. She picked me up and sat me in Billy's old highchair. I was too scared to move while she fastened the seat belt and put the tray in front of me.

I saw plates for only Timmy and Billy but not me. Then I saw three baby food jars and knew I was going to be fed baby food. Sure enough, I watched Billy and Timmy eat their meals and drink from regular glasses.

While Mrs. Ruth fed me baby food and held a bottle for me to drink as tears ran down my cheeks. There was nothing for me to do. The last jar was bad and ended up on my chin and bib where Mrs. Ruth the spoon to get it and put it back into my mouth.

Then for dessert my brothers had chocolate cake while Mrs. Ruth fed me baby food peaches. When Mrs. Ruth finished feeding me I looked like a one- year-old with a messy face and bib wearing a very wet diaper.

When Mrs. Ruth lifted me out of the highchair she discovered my wet diaper. She put my pacifier back into my mouth and carried me into my room and put me on my changing table and changed my diaper with my brothers watching.

Timmy said, "Boy, Donny uses a lot of diapers, don't he!" Mrs. Ruth said, "that's what babies do best." Timmy and Billy giggled as I tried to cry but the pacifier in my mouth caused me to just whimper a little.

Before I knew it, Mrs. Ruth had carried me to the family room where we played with our toys. But I found myself being put in the play pen, giving me just a three-foot by three-foot area to play with the baby toys that were in there.

I started to stand up when Mrs. Ruth told me if I don't sit down and be good she will have to spank me. I thought she would only spank me with my diaper on so I tried to get out of the play pen anyway.

Mrs. Ruth grabbed me and removed my diaper and I was over her knee before I knew it. I started to cry after the third spank and she gave me twenty. Mrs. Ruth put my pacifier back into my mouth put my diaper back on and placed me in the playpen again.

   It was 8:00PM and Mrs. Ruth walked over to me and said baby's bath time and picked me up. As Mrs. Ruth was removing my T-shirt, plastic pants and diaper she was running my bath.

I still had my pacifier in my mouth when she put me in the warm water and told me to sit down. I was not even close to having pubic hair and did not even know about getting it when I got older.

   Mrs. Ruth washed every part of my body ending with washing my short hair. She dried me off and carried me to our bedroom all wrapped in a warm towel.

I was placed on my changing table and put in triple day time diapers and plastic pants. Followed by a thin footed sleeper that zipped up the back with thick mittens.

   I found myself in my brother's crib still sucking my pacifier and Mrs. Ruth telling me to go to sleep. I told her I needed a drink. A few minutes later I was sucking a baby bottle of warm milk. My brothers kept playing and I don't know when they came to bed.

The next morning mom woke me checking my diaper saying, "looks like we have a wet diaper to change." Of course I used to be a bed wetter just a few months ago and would always wet at night. I don't
remember wetting but I was really soaked.

My diaper was changed while my brother's went to the potty and got dressed to play in the yard. I started to talk then realized I was still sucking my pacifier. While mom carried me to breakfast she told me she would be home by 3:00PM.

Mom put me in the highchair and fastened the belt and put the tray in place as my brothers were getting into the chairs. Mom asked Timmy what of cereal he wanted he said Lucky Charms and Billy said he wanted Cocoa Puffs. Mom fixed them their cereal and gave it to them.

While they ate their cereal mom fed me baby oatmeal that she had already fixed for me. I liked oatmeal and ate it as fast as she put it in my mouth. Then she held my bottle as I drank two bottles of milk.

Then I realized that I would have to wet my diaper in just minutes I could do nothing about it. While I was sucking my bottle I felt my diaper warm making me feel so secure. Even though I was 12 years old I some times wet my pants by accident it just seemed to happen.

But I have been able to keep it a secret from everyone even mom. I just wore some of Billy's diapers inside of my underpants. But with what happened yesterday it was no surprise to me or mom that I had already wet my diaper.

While on the changing table mom told me that Mrs. Ruth was going to take us to the store after our nap. She would buy me some more diapers and clothes. After mom finished my diaper change Mrs. Ruth came and mom left for work. All I was aloud to wear all day was diapers and plastic pants.

Wherever I played you knew I was just a big baby and had to play like a baby. I needed three diaper changes before lunch. I messed my diaper while Mrs. Ruth fed me my lunch, I could not stop it, it just happened.

   Mrs. Ruth changed my diaper and put me in my brother's crib for a nap and let my brothers play. When I was awakened by Mrs. Ruth at 2:30pm she changed my wet diaper and put me in the front seat of the stroller and Billy sat behind me.

Timmy was allowed walk beside us. We were on our way to the store, when we got to the car I was put in a car seat with a lot of straps in the back seat. Billy and Timmy climbed into their car seat and fastened their belts.

I was dressed in a T-shirt diapers and plastic pants. Mrs. Ruth took us to a lot of stores with me ridding in the front seat of the stroller because it had more leg room. I tried to make myself as small as I could so no one would see me.

But as kids from school saw me and started to tease me making me cry through my pacifier. Before they left laughing I wet and messed my diaper. They could tell I wet because my diapers were puffy but very thin and they leaked badly.

Mrs. Ruth took me quickly to the women's room where the changing table was. My diaper was changed quickly into a very thick cloth and plastic pants. I was back in the stroller ridding around like a toddler sucking my pacifier. I have had a pacifier in my mouth for almost two days now and I need it in my mouth because I like it now, it gives me comfort.

By now it was 5:30pm and we were on our way home with food and clothes but I have not seen what kind of food or clothes she has bought. When we got home mom Mrs. Ruth and my brothers all unloaded the car. I had to stay in my car seat since I could not get out with help.

Mom came and released me from the car seat and carried me into the kitchen. The first thing I saw was a very large highchair with a huge tray hanging on the arm. I smelled food cooking as mom put me in the large highchair and fastened the safety belt then snapped the crotch strap so I could not slide out from under the belt.

Then the big tray was put in front of me and I could not even reach the edges of the tray it was so big. I could not get my hand under the tray so I was
trapped in my new highchair. Mom asked me how I liked my new chair.

I started to take my pacifier out of my mouth to answer but mom warned me not to remove it. So I just sat there and cried until she removed my pacifier and started to feed me more baby food.

By now if I ate more baby food I had to go poop and sure enough, before I finished the first of three jars I had messed my diaper just like a baby should I could not stop it.

Two days of being a baby has turned me into a baby I could not hold my poop or pee. I like to suck my pacifier and need to be sucking it for comfort and relaxation. I was the size of a seven of eight-year-
old and it was easy for mom to do. Last week I was the big boy and the boss of my brothers until mom found me diapering them.

I could do nothing to but what mom told me to do she took all my clothes and my brothers clothes would not even come close to fitting me since she replaced Timmy's clothes with his proper size. Timmy's underwear could stretch and fit me or his night diaper could fit me just right because of the stretchy sides. That left me with what mom wanted to dress me in.

Mom told my brothers while we ate our dinner they are to baby-sit me when she is occupied in another room. They are to tell her if I do something I should not do. She said if he wets or messes to just come
and get her and she will show them what to do to change his diaper. I was sucking my bottle while she talked with tears in my eyes. I was the baby-sitter now the baby's are going to baby-sit me.

After dinner mom led me to our room where I saw that Billy's old crib was gone and in its place was a huge hospital crib with very high sides. She lifted me on to a new larger changing table. After my change
I was placed in a new play pen that had a gate and latched so the kid inside the play pen could not open it and it has soft sides I could not climb unlike the sides like the old one. She had everything worked out so I
would have to be in some ones control at all times.

When it turned 8:00PM mom came it the playroom to tell me it was time for my bath. Mom gave me my second bath in two days. This time I did not cry; I just sucked my pacifier and let her bathe me just like I was a baby. When she was done with my bath she dried me and put baby lotion all over my body. I smelled just like a clean baby ready to be diapered.

So mom carried me to our room where she diapered me in cloth diapers that were so thick I had to keep my legs spread apart. Then she put a new pair of plastic pants that were made for thick diapers. Then came the nursery print sleepers that zipped up the back so I could not remove them because the zipper was covered with something.

She put me in my new crib and removed my pacifier and replaced it with my bottle, which I began so suck. She started to read me a story as I sucked my bottle soon my bottle was empty and I was asleep. Mom replaced my bottle with my pacifier and I began to suck it in my sleep not knowing the switch had taken place.

Three months later I am now the baby of the family and my brothers are good baby-sitters. Timmy can change me, feed me and bathe me. Billy helps too and is starting to get the hang of caring for his big baby brother.

Mom took us to day care for a week while Mrs. Ruth went on vacation. At day care I spent my time with the un-potty trained toddlers and they told mom I could come back any time she needed a place for me to be cared for.

   I am now 17 still wearing diapers, sleeping in my crib, being fed in my high chair and playing in my play pen. While my brothers take turns baby-sitting me. Because I graduated from high school when I was thirteen I have had a lot of practice at being a baby.

Written By: Geoffry Berryman