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  Amy is a normal 10 year old girl with long light brown hair and blue eyes but not like other 10 year olds. She wet the bed and wet in the day. So one morning she got up and had breakfast. Then got ready for school.

Amy was picked up from school by her mom Sally. Come on honey let's get you home her mom said. When Sally opened the back door and she saw the car seat Amy said Mom I'm 10 years old and cried.

Sally picked Amy up and put her in the car seat saying well 10 year olds don't pee their pants, so I'm treating you like a baby from now on. Sally then did up Amy's seat belt. Amy saw some of her class friends laughed and point at her and Amy started to cry. Sally closed the car door and drove off.

When they got home Amy tried to undo her seat belt but it won't open. Amy baby's don't do that said Sally as she got out the car and opened Amy's door. She undid Amy's seat belt and helped Amy out of the car seat. Put me down I'm not a baby screamed Amy but Sally just ignored her and carried her into the house.

When they got in Sally took Amy to her room. Sally opened the door and Amy was shocked. Her room is a nursery and there is a changing table in the corner and crib where her old bed used to be and saw the play pen. Mommy I'm sorry cried Amy.

Sally put Amy on the floor and went to the closet and pulled out a pair of yellow onesie with a picture of a star and got one of the diapers and picked Amy up and carried her to the changing table. She took her clothes. Amy tried to climb down but Sally got her. Don't you even think about it said Sally.

Sally laid Amy down and lifted up her legs and spanks her booty and Amy cried loudly. Sally got the pacifier and put it into Amy's Mouth. There there now, mommy will dress you up with out you complaining. Sally cleaned Amy up and put the diaper under her bottom and taped it up.

Sally sat her up and put the yellow onesie over her head and laid Amy back down and did up her onesie. Sally helped Amy off the changing table and carried her to the rocking chair. Sally sat on the rocking chair  with Amy in her lap and rocked to sleep. When Amy goes to sleep Sally carried her to her crib and tucked her in and turned on her mobile that played soft music.

Sally kissed Amy a couple of hours later. Amy woke up and saw the bar in front off her face and Amy turned over and looked up at the mobile and heard a crinkling noise and noticed she was wearing a diaper and her diaper is soaked and messed. She called for mom but all that came out is baby noise  and Amy started to cry. Sally came in and said oh how is my baby doing, do you need to be changed?

Sally helped Amy out of the crib and carried her to the changing table and took her dirty diaper off and cleaned her up. Then she powdered her and put the fresh diaper on her. Then did up her onesie and carried her to the living room. Sally turned on Teletubbies on TV.

Sally went to the kitchen and Sally looked like she was making something. Sally returned with bottle of baby milk. She turned around and picked up Amy in her arms. Amy tried to grab the bottle but Sally said mommy has to bottle feed you.

Sally picked up Amy and carried her to the arm chair and put the bottle into her mouth. Amy sucked as she was being held. Sally is happy to have her baby girl back.

More to come....

Written By: Amy