"Babied" By Wife & Nurse Friends
I have permanent incontinence, due to nerve damage; & also have AB/DL feelings. After recent surgery; a Home Healthcare nurse (Sally) came to our home for a few days (while my wife was at work) to care for my surgical wound (changing the dressing); & also preformed her nursing duty of taking care of my incontinence hygeine; which consisted of using (baby) wipes to clean my skin, then applying a barrier cream, followed by rubbing on baby powder; and finally putting a fresh new diaper on me.

I prefer cloth, rather than disposable diapers; thus she put a pair of plastic panties on me, over my diaper. It just happened that Sally, the visiting nurse is a friend of my wife; who works in the Home Healthcare nurses' office. Although it was somewhat embarressing to be diapered by an acquaintance; she maintained her prefessional decorum during her "official duty visits".

Sally has established a routine of visiting my wife, at our home, every Saturday morning, for breakfast; for several months (starting before my surgery & home Healthcare nursing visits).

  One Saturday morning; I had gotten out of bed about an hour early,
and was in the kitchen, making a pot of coffee (wearing nothing but my diaper & plastic panties); when my wife & Sally came into the kitchen (both started laughing, at first seeing me)! I didn't think that Sally would be there that early; thus was not yet dressed!

My wife knew that I was not dressed; and later told me that she didn't think I would mind if Sally saw me (on a social visit), wearing only my diaper & plastic panties; since she had changed my diapers several times, during her "official duty nursing visits". After the brief laughter subsided, my wife said to Sally: "Doesn't he look like a cute baby, in his diaper & plastic panty!" Sally replied: "Yes, he does look like a cute baby!"

Then my wife added: "It looks like it's time to change "baby's diaper! Do you want to do it?" Sally replied: "Of course! I am experienced at changing his baby diaper!" I have a good sense of humor, & allowed Sally to change my diaper (since she already had, during her "official duty nursing visits).

     Since that 1st "social visit diaper change", Sally has continued to
change my diapers, every Saturday morning, during her social visits. My wife had informed me that if I didn't let Sally change my diaper; then she (my wife) would withold sex! I do enjoy having sex with my wife; & was already used to Sally changing my diaper; thus it is not a big deal to me. Both Sally & my wife enjoy treating me as a "baby", instead of letting me change my own diapers.

     During a recent Saturday visit, Sally said: "close your eyes and
open wide"! I was expecting a surprise food treat; thus complied; as she took a baby's pacifier out of her purse, and put it in my mouth! My wife & Sally had a good laugh out of that, as I opened my eyes and reaslised that I had a pacifier in my mouth! From now on, my wife insists that I suck on my pacifier, and wear nothing but my diaper & plastic panties; while Sally visits!

     Last Saturday, my wife informed me that she has 2 new nurse friends at work; & that she has invited over, for upcoming Saturday breakfasts! She has divulged my incontinence to them! She insists that I will be making & serving breakfast, to her, and her 3 nurse friends; while I wear nothing but my diaper & plastic panties (while sucking on my baby pacifier)!

It will be at least a little embarressing; the first time that all 3 of the nurses come over, for next Saturday's breakfast! I'll just have to get used to having each of the 3 nurses take turns changing my diaper, every Saturday morning; from now on! My wife said that each of the 2 new nurses will have a "special surprise for me" (hinting at a baby rattle toy; & a baby bottle of milk, to feed me)!

                      Written by: RJack

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