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I'm Sebastian aka thesebman341. I am 13 years old and a DL. This story is based on an awesome dream I had.

Chapter One: The Diaper.

I was spending summer break at my girlfriend, Rachel's, holiday getaway house. Little did I know she actually wore diapers. One night we were watching a movie together and she fell asleep. Seeing as she was just wearing a summer night-dress I just couldn't help but looking up it, which was how I discovered her greatest secret.

I admit that I was shocked to see her wearing a diaper. But I also found it pretty cool as well. So I went into her room and looked for a while until I found her diapers. I took about 5 of them and ran to my room, hid them and put one on. Ohh, it felt like Heaven. Then all of a sudden I needed to poop & pee so I just let loose and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. After a while I got tired and went to bed without realizing I left my diaper on.

Chapter Two: The Surprise

I awoke to find that I had filled my diaper even more than it already was and realized I had no choice but to go and face the consequences awaiting me. I went in to the living room to find Rachel's mum is out somewhere. And Rachel is crying because she had pooped her diaper and realized I would smell it and find out about her diapers.

I told her I had already found out and thought it was awesome that she wore them and that I loved them as well. So I showed her my diaper and she changed me into a clean one and I changed her too. This went on for a few weeks until her mom found out. But she thought it was cute and went along with it anyway.

Chapter Three: The Date

One night I decided to take Rachel to a movie. By now I was fully diaper dependent and didn't care what others thought as we had been out together many times during the holidays. Half way through the film I had a huge poop and was badly in need of a change but knew I had to wait.

A few minutes later I pooped again. Man, there must of been something in that popcorn. And my diaper couldn't hold any more and poop and it leaked out all over my shorts. When the movie finished everyone was holding their noses or had their shirts over their faces so I knew it smelt.

Me and Rachel ran straight to the house. Her diaper had also leaked but not as badly as mine. So we both changed each other and played the Wii for a few hours then ordered pizza. We ate the pizza then went to bed.

Chapter Four: The Ending

It was the last week and we were all packing to leave when I realized my parents would be shocked that I was in diapers and probably never let me see Rachel again.

To see how it goes email me at and until then, bye from Australia peeps.

Written By: Sebastian