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One morning I wake up, I roll over and I feel a wet spot on my sheets. My mom comes in and asked what that smell was. I told her that I wet the bed. she takes my sheets and washes them. That night I do the same thing again for about a week.

When I get home from school, my mom asks calls me into my room. She askers me if I want to wear diapers again, I say no. But I ask myself if I should've said yes.

I do some research and find out something, it turns out that diapers are more sexual and a person who wears diapers will have a lesser chance of getting involved in drugs.

I wet the bed two more times, and my mom askers me if I want to wear diapers again. This time I say yes. The next day my mom picked me up from school and we went to Wal-mart to get diapers, powder ect.

I got so used to being changed I asked her if I could have infantilism. She asks what that is, I tell her it is the desire to be treated like a baby.She says yes. The next day, my mom picks me up from school again and we go to Wal-mart. This time we get pacifiers, bottles, and other baby stuff.

A week later, I ask my mom if I could have my bedroom remodeled into a baby room. That night my mom and I look at adult baby furniture. We see a crib, changing table, a high chair, and a playpen. I told her all of that would be nice, so she buys them for me.

Two weeks later the items had been delivered when I left for the bus. I get home that night and my room had been remodeled. My bed had been switched with the crib, my desk had been switched with the changing table, the wall under my coat rack had the playpen there, and the high chair was at the dining room table.

That night I tried to watch the Dodgeball movie and I couldn't. Then I tried watching Madagascar and I couldn't watch that either. I then ask my mom what happened to the movies and she said "A baby watches baby shows and the baby network". That was fine with me.

The next day I get ready for school and my mom says that I am going to preschool. I ask "What about my regular school classes"? She says "A teacher will teach you all the high school stuff". So I say okay.

I have the best years of my life until I go to college and start dating. On my first date, my date asks about me and I tell her to go first. She says a few things and then the final thing she says is that she is an AB (adult baby). I do the same thing and the last thing I say is that I am an AB.

One year later we move in together and we live in an apartment. We put our money together and we buy a double person crib, a changing table, and a couple of high chairs. Five years later we get married and decide to have kids.

Two years later we are at the hospital waiting for our twins. I told my wife, "I've been thinking that we should not potty train our kids." Then she asks "why not." And then I say "I think our kids should be AB's as well." She says"OK."

Fifteen years later our kids are still in diapers and there rooms have cribs. The room in between their rooms is the changing room with a changing table and diaper changing materials. There are only high chairs at the dining room table. Across from the changing room is the play room with their own playpens. And me and my wife's room has a new double person crib.

Written By: Jordanbaby