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     Hi I'm Amy I'm 17 now but this story is from when I was 16 and is written 3rd person. Enjoy

    On a Monday morning Amy woke up ready to go to school. Her mom woke her up "Amy darling time for school". Amy's eyes opened. She was very tired from the night before as she had stayed up late texting friends.

     Amy is a brunette with long strait hair she is thin but curvy and was always complement by boys on her looks. She is about 5 ft 5, so average height. Amy said "ok mom" as Amy started to get up she felt a cold feeling on her bum. She thought that a window was open but looked around and saw they were all shut.

     She pulled away the covers and gasped in shock. Her light blue pj bottoms were soaking wet and their was a big stain on her sheets. She started to panic and thought "what am I going to do this is so embarrassing. Amy jumped out of bed and pulled down her pj bottoms and peeled off her soaking wet pink panties.

     Amy thought "if mom finds out I wet the bed I'll be in so much trouble". She then pulled off her sheets and put new ones on and shoved the wet clothes and sheets under her bed. With a sigh of relief she took a shower to clean the smell of pee off herself and went to get dressed.

    About half an hour later she was downstairs. She was wearing a black skirt with black tights and a white blouse which was so see through you could see her purple bra underneath. Amy's mom then kissed her and went to work. Her dad leaves early in the mornings.

    Amy had breakfast and began her walk to school. All the time she was thinking about her wet bed and worrying about what would happen if her parents found out. She had a good day at school except all the time she was thinking about her accident.

   She wondered if it was just a 1 off day or if her bedwetting had returned. Amy had wet the bed until she was 13 and had been dry 3 years. Amy put it down to a one off day and continued her day.

    At lunch her best friend Charlotte noticed Amy was a bit sad and said "Amy are you ok today you seem a bit down". Amy said "I'm ok it's just that...". "just what you can tell me" Charlotte assured her. "ok well it's just that I wet the bed last night" Amy said. "oh Amy" Charlotte replied "it's ok accidents happen sometimes. Do your parents know?". "no I haven't told them I'm too nervous." Amy said. "I'm sure it'll be ok" Charlotte replied and hugged Amy.

    When Amy got home both of her parents were waiting for her. They called her into the sitting room and sat her down and her mom said "Amy I found a wet sheet and your pj bottoms and panties which were soaking under your bed today. Did you have an accident last night". Amy started crying "yes" she mumbled.

    Her mom came over and hugged her and said "Amy you must tell us if you wet your bed that way we can help you. After finding your wet things I went out and bought you some Goodnites. Me and your father would like you to wear them tonight and for the rest of the week to make sure you don't wet your bed again. This way you are protected just in case."

    "no!!" Amy cried "it was just a one off day, I promise please don't make me wear diapers again. I won't wet myself again please mommy." "darling it's for your own good" her mother said "if you can stay dry all week then you can stop wearing them. We can't have you just wetting your bed. Wouldn't you rather wake up in a wet diaper and a dry bed than soaking?".

    "ok I will wear them but I promise it's just a one off day" Amy replied. "thank you darling we don't want to argue over this, we know how hard it must be for a girl your age to still need diapers.".

    Amy had an ordinary evening. She did homework and watched TV then at bed time her mom brought her the packet of Goodnites and said. "here are your Goodnites honey. Go and put them on and get ready for bed. I'll be checking to make sure your wearing them." "ok mom" Amy said and went up to her room to change.

    She opened the packet of Goodnites and sighed and said "I thought I'd never see you again". She unbuttoned her jeans and slipped off her panties. She then grabbed one of the Goodnites and opened it up. Then put her legs through it and slid it up her long legs and between her thighs and over her cute round bum.

    She felt it on herself and patted her bum making a small crinkling sound. She was very embarrassed and bright red with blushing but felt quite secure in the diapers. She looked in the mirror at her bum and giggled and said to herself "does my bum look big in this".

    She then pulled up her pj bottoms covering her Goodnites and put her pj vest on over her bra. Her mom called her and said "Amy darling can I check to make sure you have your Goodnites on". Amy left her room and dropped her pj bottoms so her mom could see. "thank you darling" she said and Amy quickly pulled her pjs up embarrassed.

    Her mom said "there's no need to be embarrassed honey it's only me. If you wake up at night wet and need any help changing just wake me up and I'll come and help. I've also put a bin in your room and a few packs of Goodnites for you to use". "Thanks mom" Amy said and went to bed.

To be continued.......

Written By: Amy