A LOVE STORY

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Chapter 1

Rachel was a very quiet girl, she was 24 yrs old and single. She was a very depressed woman who had one too many secrets. Her roommate Jamie was a 21 yr old girl who was straight talken hippie chick, and Rachel was a gothic single lesbian.

Jamie and her boyfriend were always going out to really fun parties and were engaged to be married. They often invited Rachel to their "outings"and road trips, Rachel always declined and preferred the company of her cat...Egypt. However as soon as Rachel had the 2 bedroom apartment to herself she opened her closet which revealed a secret desire Rachel would take to her grave.

Adult baby clothing, toys and DIAPERS (mostly disposable). Rachel would then roam around the house acting and dressing like a two year old infant. She only wished that when she wet and messed herself (which, thanks to the occasional enema) she did very easily. She had a understanding mommy who would change and baby her 24/7, since Rachel worked online and at home that wasn't very hard for her.

She was in one relationship, until her girlfriend moved away to Italy. Now Rachel was alone, sitting in her diaper online when an IM came up on the screen of her ABDL profile on a cool ABDL site. It said "I know who you are....Rachel. Meet me at the local bar in New London, You know....Frank's. Or I'll tell EVERYONE your lil secret. We wouldn't want everyone knowing you like diapers would we? Oh BTW you'd better have your diapers on and be wet when you show up, love, Elise."

Rachel's jaw dropped. Elise was her high school crush. Quickly she got dressed, stopped off at the ATM on main street and got into her car (a dodge neon). When she got their she saw her, and cautiously walked up to her. A crinkle as loud as thunder, with each step.

"That's a good baby", Elise said with a kind smile. Are you busy tomorrow. Rachel said "nope, I'm off work for a whole three weeks." Rachel worked part time at a tattoo shop she owned with a friend, titled "Heathers Grey". Elise smiled "Follow me home" she said, as she pressed her hand against the front of Elise's diaper. "I know you've had a crush on me since the 11th grade, now I'm giving you what you always wanted".

Chapter 2

Elise unlocked her door to be greeted by Moon, her Pekinese dog, who was a cute lil fat dog. Moon barked excitedly, "yep mommy brought another baby, as Rachel walked into the house. Elise led her into what seemed to be a gigantic baby nursery. "Strip" she said in a playful mood. Rachel quickly obeyed.

Her diaper, swelling at both ends quickly became noticeable. "Tut,tut....such a messy baby, now lay back so mommy can change your diaper." With that Rachel laid back, the poop squishing against her backside. Elise quickly untaped her diaper, the smell nearly knocking Elise back "whew!, who's got a stinky butt?" Elise asked. Rachel smiled and said "I do mommy!" in a tiny babyish voice. Elise quickly cleaned Rachel up and changed her filthy diaper disposing it in an oversized diaper pail.

"Tomorrow we move you into my house, OK baby Ray Ray?". Rachel smiled, a tear came to her eye, "ok mommy". Rachel then had the best sleep of her entire life.

Chapter Three

It's been three years and Jamie and her boyfriend are happily married and expecting a baby of their own in December. While Rachel and Elise are happy as mommy and baby and a love that will outlast all time. Goes to show, even babies can find true love. Even if it's in a fictional story. Stay pampered!

Written By: lleessee