Kelly was a model for gothic's all over the city and was not interested in school even though her grades were strait A's and was excepted into many different colleges throughout the region. In her school her older sister Mary was a new student teacher in her social studies class (her first period) and Kelly was easily annoyed by it.

Kelly's mother was mad about the whole "Goth" stage as she called it and threatened Kelly to stop in many different ways but none the less she was ignored by Kelly. Mary was annoyed about the attitude Kelly uses to her now and dislikes her rude comments about her body.

Then one day when both Kelly's mom and Mary got together and talked about this behavior and thought of a way to deal with it.

So that night when Kelly got home from her daily Goth group she went to her room to make new plans for her group about the "black arts" they used and found her normally black painted room with an eerie purple glow and masks on the wall painted light blue with unicorns on the wall, her bed replaced with a crib, her dresser with a changing table, and her old Goth DVD's replaced by Baby DVD's like Barney, CareBears, and teletubbies.

She freaked out and ran to her friend's house next door where she found out that her mother suspected this and was already there waiting. Her mother put Kelly in restraints and into the car where she had a car seat ready for Kelly and put her in tightly and told Kelly to not struggle or it will hurt.

When they returned, Kelly was brought up to her room and was undressed by Mary and was held by her mother and told not to move. Mary told Kelly that if she was to be Goth this would be her punishment and that was the deal with both Mary and Kelly's mom. Kelly of course refused and was put in a High chair in her room that, she must've missed, and was forcibly made to watch a hypnotizing video that had "BABY" as a word to activate the hypnotism.

After the video was over Kelly's mother put diapers and a onsie on her and put her into the crib (with the restraints still on) and stuck a pacifier into Kelly's mouth that was drenched in a sleeping capsule liquid and a laxative. After falling asleep Mary and her mother both said the words "Baby, baby, baby" thusly activating the hypnotism, and turned out the light and left.

That morning Kelly woke up wet and messy in the hypnotized state and cried even though she was able to see everything as normal but her brain wouldn't let her talk at all or even stand up. Kelly's mom came in with a huge smile on her face just telling Kelly 'HAHAHA This is what you get, and just wait their's more' which made Kelly cry even harder but she didn't stop her mom from changing her diaper, putting a suppository up her butt, and putting on a sun dress covered with flowers on her.

Kelly was hungry and started crying when her mother gave her a bottle with a laxative, and a bladder weakener in it with baby formula which Kelly drank down reluctantly but with no choice did it.

She was brought to school where in first period she needed to use the bathroom and Mary saw her squirming and waited until *FART*! Where all the kids looked at her and Mary told Kelly to come to her where she was diapered and cleaned in front of the class and told to be a 'good girl or else'. The day was horrible from then on where at lunch her laxative kicked in and poured more into her pants where she was diapered by her sister in front of the school and that's when Kelly realized that she was going to be forced into babyhood for a long time.

                      Written By: Trunksshe

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