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Hi my name is josh. I have been a DL ever since this weekend. This story is completely true and happened 2 years ago when I was 10.

I was going to my grandma's from Friday to the Monday. I was going to stay there with my cousin, Charlie. She was the same age as me and we always got along very well.

We always loved going to my grandmas because it was miles away from either of our houses so no one knew who he were. Our grandma loved us so much and basically let us do what ever we wanted. There was a woods behind her house and lots of parks so we were never bored.

When I arrived I saw my cousin at the bottom of the hall way. I saw that there was like a bulge where her crotch of her pants was. She sort of stopped and looked at me, then ran upstairs to the toilet. I didn't really think too much about it. I thought she was playing a prank on me or something.

I went in the kitchen and greeted my grandma and gave her a hug. She told me that my cousin arrived yesterday. This made me a bit jealous but I was just happy to be there.

I went upstairs to see my cousin and gave her a hug. It was never awkward. We talked about school and friends. I went to the toilet but there was no toilet roll so I looked in the cupboard for some. In the cupboard there was a packet of girls Pull-ups. I shouted her in to look at them.

Once she saw them her face went bright red. I knew they were hers. She pulled me into the bedroom and told me her secret- that she likes to wear nappies/diapers. I really didn't know how to reply. She asked me to try one on but I refused. She kept begging me and said if I didn't like it I could take it off and never talk about it. I agreed

I went in the bathroom, grabbed one and pulled it up my legs. It was really tight but just fit. It brought back so many feelings, I was in love. Charlie came in to look at me. She said I looked really cute. Right then the sides split and it fell to the floor. She saw my bits and smiled.

She went out of the bathroom and I put my clothes back on. When I came out she said we should go to the shop and buy some more. We told our grandma we were playing outside and asked her for some money for ice cream and drinks. We got the money and walked to the supermarket.

Once we were there, we headed to the baby isle. We grabbed some Pampers size 6, some pull-ups for my size and some bottles and wipes. We went to the checkout and got some funny looks but it was okay because no one knew who we were. She put the stuff in her backpack and started walking to the toilets.

I asked her why aren't we going home? She said we are going to the baby changing room. It was empty so we went inside and locked the door. She told me to remove my pants. I didn't want to but she said I've seen it already.

I put on the pull up. It felt so great. Then she told me to sit on the changing table and she slid a Pamper over my pull-up. It felt so good. It was so thick. She then took off her pants and I put one on her.

We then pulled up our pants. I could barely walk when leaving the store, I had to waddle. You could see the nappies bulge and the crinkle was so loud. People were staring.

Whilst we were walking home she told me too pee in them. I said no. She replied come on, I'll do it first. I could hear the pee and then her nappy started too sag. I'd been needing to pee for some time so I did it. I let loose and my nappy started to expand. Now I was waddling even more.

I asked if she could put a new one on me but she said that I've only just put it on and I should wait. We went in the woods and took off all of our clothes except our nappies. We were running about and just pretending to be like babies.

Right then I needed to poop. I asked her if she could take it off so I could go then the toilet. She replied you are wearing a toilet, just go in the nappy. So I strained until there was a huge load in my nappy. It felt like it was weighing me down. I sat down and it went all over my bum.

Not long after, she did the same. She took them off me and threw them in the woods. She wiped me down and put a new one on me. This time just a Pampers nappy. I changed her and we went back to my grandmas.

Once we arrived she asked if we had fun and we replied lots of fun. The next couple of days were the same thing, pretending to be babies and drinking out of baby bottles. It was so much fun.

On the second to last day our younger cousin, by two years, arrived unexpectedly. He ran upstairs and opened the door. He Saw me and Charlie in only our soiled nappies drinking out of bottles. Then he...

The next part of the story will be made soon. Thank you for reading.

Written By: Josh  
Age: 12