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By the time the first spank, Susie had given up caring who heard what was happening and was crying openly like an eight year old, begging "Daddy" not to spank her, and promising not to wet anymore. Though she didn't want Uncle Jack or Amanda to hear her crying on top of everything else, the certainty that they would only add to her complete humiliation and intensified the very girlish sense of dependency that allowed her to cry in such a loud, infantile manner.

"What are we doing here Sara? Well Jeremy do you remember me saying I was taking you home tonight? Well yes Sara I do, but I thought you meant my house. Oh no Jeremy at your house you know where everything is, you might even have extra keys. Here I can  fully control you, like I said; it’s only until tomorrow afternoon. You want me to go like this? I say. Yes, how else did you want to go? You were not expecting me to let you out of the diapers just because I was having you over for the night did you? As Sara unbuckles me I protest slightly. No butts Jeremy come upstairs and Rachelle and I will explain it all to you. So Sara comes and opens the truck door for me. Come along Jeremy, Rachelle is waiting. So I take her hand and go up to her apartment.

As we walk in the door of their apartment I see Rachelle already there sitting on the couch watching TV waiting for Sara and I to come in. Well its about time you guys got home Rachelle says as we are walking in the door. Sara takes off our coats and hangs them on the kitchen chairs. It sure is warm in here; I think our little baby will be just fine in his diaper and a T-shirt. So Sara tells me to lay down on the couch next to her sister. I lay down and Sara takes off my shoes, socks and my pants leaving me in only my diaper and T-shirt. Rachelle tells me to lay my head on her lap. So I lay there.

Sara starts by saying this is how its going to be. Rachelle and I talked on our lunch, from now until tomorrow afternoon you have no say in what happens. The 3 of us are off and you are going to be our baby until at least 4 in the afternoon. You are going to stay here whilst I take your house key and go get some more supplies for you. Then when I come back we will be getting ready for bed and you are going to sleep in my bed with me tonight. Do you understand Jeremy? Yes Sara. And if you have any questions you can ask Rachelle well I’m gone. So with that Sara got her coat and went back to her truck.

While Sara was gone Rachelle said. Jeremy what do you think? Well um, um well it just seems to be happing ever so fast you know what I mean Rachelle? Well yes Jeremy but did you think about what would happen when you wet your diaper in front of me? Well Rachelle I honestly did not think you would notice me wetting myself. Well that’s ok we thought this would be kind of fun. And you have to admit you like the attention don’t you? Well yes, I guess I do like being babied. I have just never had it happen to me before so it’s a first time experience thing for me. Rachelle speaks up, well does it help that you are experiencing it with Sara. I think you kind of like her; I notice how you are around her.

Yes it does help and with you too. I kind of also like you too. Rachelle blushes a little. Well I hope what we are doing for you tonight you like. I get a smile on my face. Well Rachelle, so far I don’t have any complaints. Well that’s good. As soon as Sara brings back some more diapers we need to get you changed and ready for bed. Babies are not to be up at 1:30 in the morning but I guess since we were working till 1 that’s ok. Just lay your head back and I will find us a cartoon to watch while we are waiting. Believe it or not Rachelle found the rug rats on TV at that time in the morning.

A few minutes later Sara came back, with the whole pack of diapers from my house. All you have is diapers at your place Jeremy? Well yes what else do I need, I just have them because I have to wear them at night for bed-wetting. Well if your going to be a baby you need baby powder and wipes at least, so I stopped at the gas station since nothing else is open this time of night and got them for our Baby. You mean to tell me that both of you guys are in on this? Yes Jeremy, why else would you be here to spend the night at our place? Well I guess that’s true. Now lets change you and get you ready for bed.

Rachelle pushes my head off her lap, gets up, gets a blanket and lays it on the floor. Come lay here Jeremy let me change you. Sara gets all the stuff out. I’m just off to get ready for bed whilst you change the baby, Rachelle. Come lay here Rachelle tells me. So I lay down. She untapped the diaper. You’re not that wet but you still need to be changed for the night. Reaching over, she gets a new diaper and then some wipes, Removing my old diaper she wipes me nice and dry and puts some baby powder on me. Gently she rubs the powder in to prevent me getting diaper rash. Oh boy, was I in heaven, when she was rubbing me.

Picking up the new diaper she carefully lifts my legs and puts the new diaper under me folding it around my bottom and after lowering me, brings it back around to my waist line and tapes it nice and snug so it will not leak. Then she got a pair of plastic pants that was in with my diapers, pulls then on and makes sure they also fit nice and snugly. There you are, all nice and dry for the night. We don’t want you leaking all over Sara’s bed do we? No I guess not. I reply. Sara returns and comments that she is ready for bed. Is our Baby ready? Sara asks. ‘Yes’ comments Rachelle, I just finished with his diaper and he is all ready to be tucked in.

Sara bought one more thing every baby needs. A bottle. She takes the bottle into the kitchen and fills it with warm milk. Rachelle takes me into Sara’s bedroom, and lays me in Sara’s bed. Sara lays next to me and puts the bottle into my mouth and I suck on it. They both kiss me good night and I fall asleep in Sara’s arms. As soon as I fall asleep Rachelle and Sara go to Rachelle’s room.

Ok we don’t want Jeremy finding out I checked his alarm at home. He does not get up till 8 so I will set my alarm for 7 and come get you up. Just lay down here, everything will be ok Rachelle promises Sara. Sara lies down and Rachelle does the same thing to Sara as she had done to Jeremy. Sara, your diapers are very quiet so he will not hear you even if he wakes up, you don’t need to have a wet stain on your mattress do you Sara. Well I guess not, OK I will get you up at 7 and everything will be fine. Goodnight Sara. Sara thinks to herself, boy I wish I did not wet the bed at night. She then goes back to her bed to sleep.

At seven in the morning Rachelle comes and wakes Sara. Get out of bed, come on. Sara goes into Rachelle’s room and gets the diaper off. Sara gets dressed and fixes breakfast. At 8 I wake up and Sara comes and gets me. She feeds me my breakfast and they baby me for the rest of the day. They hold their promise, Sara took me back to my car and brought my stuff to my place and life went on. And none of us ever said a word until a year and a half later."


Written By: Jeremy

                                         Copyright January 2010